Friday, February 01, 2013

I Made You a Mix Tape

Just dropped in the mail -- discs to everyone on the Chicago trip of the music mix I made way back then.  And then they sat in my bag until I now am getting the house ready for, well, getting out of it.  I also put some stickers in for the kids, and then I felt bad that I wasn't putting anything in for the kid-less, so stickers for everyone!

Every time I feel like the relocation process is the Worstest Thing Ever, such as currently being at the mercy of an inspector who doesn't know his left from his right and thinks that a sidewalk crack that is offset by a quarter-inch is a MAJOR SAFETY HAZARD, I just go talk to someone else who has gone through it.  After all, I haven't been offered $70K less than I paid for the house.  I haven't had them use a $50K HUD foreclosure as one of the "comparables" in the appraisal.  And I haven't had them require me to put on a new roof, in the middle of winter.

Nope, it'll all be over in three weeks, when I'll be blogging from my first night in my new house.  I may celebrate with...wait...what's this?



(And yes, even though it's not the very best sushi in KC, it is absolutely the most fun. And friggin' cheap.)


Pusher said...


Unknown said...

Ha! I saw Pusher's stickers last night and I said, "Oh! i thought the stickers were for the kids?" and she said, "read the blog". :)

Allknowingjen said...

^ That was me ;) awesome.